Imagine living your life in a neighborhood that has the most unhealthy and undesirable hazardous waste sites, including landfills, sewage treatment systems, incinerators, and toxic waste dumping sites on every corner. Imagine a child who has never felt the incredible sensation of fresh air circulating through his or her lungs. Imagine what it feels like to see your government polluting the space you call home, instead of protecting it.  For many minority communities, they do not have to “imagine” this, they instead live it.

I invite you, to learn about the devastating reality of environmental injustice and how it is affecting millions of people each and every day. Explore what real life communities have done to fight environmental injustice, to create a world in which every individual, regardless of ethnicity or income, has equal access to clean air and clean water.

“That is the most wonderful idea I’ve ever heard,” she says. “The right to breathe clean air. Yes.”[1]


Air Pollution Photo Credit: http://driverlayer.com/img/smoke%20stack/20/any





[1] “In the Shadow of a Smokestack”, Earth Justice, accessed on December 8th 2014, http://earthjustice.org/features/in-the-shadow-of-a-smokestack